Why Should You Care About Pruning Your Trees?

Tree Pruning

Trees and shrubs are a lot like people; they tend to thrive when given care and attention.

Proper pruning techniques include the removal of misshapen, damaged or dead limbs. Rubbing branches, vertical stems, water shoots and inward growing branches are typically removed to maintain health, shape and safety. Each species of tree has its own natural look and shape that good pruning should maintain. Proper pruning allows for air flow to minimize damage from wind and weather. Naturally occurring deadwood must be removed for safety.

Although tree pruning can be done during any season, it is best done in winter when the tree structure is most visible. As an exception, a few species prefer to be pruned during summer to reduce water sprouting. A certified arborist from Maltby & Company will be happy to assess your pruning needs and make recommendations.

Pruning considerations:               

  • Aesthetics-shape and appearance
  • Improve structural integrity, control growth
  • Enhance flowering and foliage
  • Safety-remove dead & dying limbs
  • Clearance from structures, service wires, etc.
  • Minimize the effects of weather

Healthy, well-shaped trees and shrubs are an asset to your home. Whatever your pruning needs are, our certified arborists are well equipped to meet your needs. Call 781-344-3900 or email us to schedule a no obligation site visit by one of our sales representatives today!