Your Trees Thrive with Expert Care & Attention

Tree Preservation

Our Certified Arborists have decades of experience consulting on and landscape and construction projects both large and small. When an existing landscape should be considered, there is no standard formula for preservation concerns. We carefully assess each unique project before setting a customized, detailed plan into action.

Construction Stress
Construction projects can be stressful on your landscape and, without planning, can create unforeseen challenges. We can provide thorough guidance on tree preservation and create an actionable plan to protect your property.

Potential services could include:

  • Site assessment & consultation
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Identification of critical root zones
  • Air spading (additional information below)

Soil around trees and shrubs can become so compact that it acts like concrete, preventing air and water from reaching the roots. Plantings growing near driveways and hard surfaces can also suffer from insufficient air and water. Air spading uses high pressure air to loosen the soil around roots without damaging the root system.

Air spading is also the preferred method for excavating root collars and transplanting bare root trees since it preserves 90% - 100% of the plant’s root system.

Air spading around an older tree can help expose the root flare and reveal better information about structural integrity, signs of decay, improper root systems and girdling. This allows for better corrective actions to promote health and prolong the tree’s life.

Tree Cabling
A tree can require cabling for a variety of reasons; it is often beneficial in mature trees whose structure cannot fully support its weight. Cabling and/or bracing can reinforce the structural integrity of trees by redistributing weight and offering additional support. One of our certified arborists would be happy to evaluate your trees for potential risks and cabling needs.