Add Value & Vibrancy to Your Property With New Plantings

Tree & Shrub Planting

Transforming a barren yard into an outdoor home that suits your lifestyle can increase property value and extend your living space.  New England’s fickle climate can make selecting the right tree or shrub for your location challenging but our arborists can help you choose with confidence.

Improper planting is a very common practice that is easily avoided when you call on skilled professionals for help. Working with you or your landscape architect we will evaluate your property’s soil type, exposure to sunlight, water, and varying temperatures to ensure the success your new planting.

Transplanting Large Trees & Shrubs

Transplanting mature trees and shrubs can create better focal points, improve views and extend the usable area. Large trees and shrubs could require transplanting if there is interference with new construction, wires, existing structures or plantings.  We take extra care of root systems during excavation to reduce stress on the planting and increase its ability to thrive in the new location.