Organic Options that are Nutrient Rich

Mulch & Ground Covers

Forest Floor is a division of Maltby Company that began recycling tree logs, limbs and branches into mulch long before recycling became essential in environmental protection.  During the early years our saw mill recycled lumber from tree removals and land clearing to sell pallets throughout Southern MA.  We have spent years refining our processes to create high-quality mulch and ground covers that set the industry standard.

Mulching is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the health and beauty of your plants and soil. It helps prevent weeds, improves moisture retention, moderates fluctuation in soil temperature and enhances fertility.  Mulch can also provide a desirable contrast of color and texture to enhance gardens and plantings.

We offer a variety of products from completely organic leaf mulch to color-enhanced mulch and high quality topsoil and compost.

Organic Leaf Mulch

  • Naturally increases organic matter in your soil to benefit trees and plants.
  • Improves soil moisture retention, soil tilth, structure and fertility.
  • Effectively limits soil compaction

Color-Enhanced Mulch

  • Produced from high quality raw materials that are slower to decay
  • Logs are ground twice in a high speed grinder for consistent, superior results
  • Mulch is turned often to preserve quality
  • High quality dyes are used when applicable for rich, lasting color


  • Soil health is the foundation of organic lawn and plant care; compost adds vital nutrients and organisms to soil
  • Improves soil structure, increases water retention & reduces nutrient loss
  • Made on-site and tested & approved by the UMASS laboratory for proper pH and ideal balance of crucial organisms
  • Free of chemicals and safe for your family, your pets and the environment
  • Excellent for revitalizing damaged or stressed lawns