Do my trees and shrubs need to be fertilized?

As we approach fall, you may be wondering, “what the next steps are for protecting the health of my plant material?” You may be asking, “do my trees and shrubs need to be fertilized?” All great thoughts to consider as you prepare your ornamentals this fall to withstand the harsh winter weather conditions ahead.

The trees on your property are not like the trees that you see in the forest. Many factors present in an urban environment that causes stress on trees which are not present in the forest. For example, things like construction, compaction, heat, poor soil, and small growing spaces all contribute to tree and shrub decline.

By removing grass clippings and leaves, trees and shrubs growing in your lawn are constantly losing nutrients from the soil. Deep root fertilizing replaces these necessary nutrients and puts them below grassroots where they will be available to the tree for intake.

Deep root fertilization

Our deep root fertilization application is made using a pressurized mixture of water and fertilizer. Using a specially designed steel needle, we inject this mixture into the soil. Using this method, trees and shrubs will be fertilized and watered at the same time. The combination of pressure and the series of holes created by the needle, help alleviate compaction.

Our organic liquid tree fertilizer is specially formulated with slow-release nutrients, beneficial fungi and bacteria, and plant extracts. The nutrient elements are released to meet the trees more immediate needs as the fertilizer breaks down. The beneficial microbes will sustain soil fertility. This organic fertilizer works primarily by amending and improving the existing soil rather than just adding the basic elements. Fertilizing can, therefore, be done more often without the fear of burning or over-fertilizing.

Best time to fertilize trees and shrubs

Late summer through early fall is the perfect time to fertilize your trees and shrubs. This is the time of year when plants are storing carbohydrates for the winter and their first flush of growth in the spring. Spring would be your second best option. Annual applications are done spring, fall or both. We can also fertilize every other year depending on our budget.

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs is a great way to help plants struggling from drought, insect or disease pressure or to maintain trees that appear to be relatively healthy. Properly nourished plants can better defend themselves from natural weather stressors, insects and disease.

If you are interested in speaking to our Horticultural Specialist about fertilizing your trees and shrubs, please contact us today at (781) 297-3674.

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