What To Expect From New Organic Lawn Care

Soil health is the cornerstone of organic lawn care and great soil doesn’t happen overnight. The transition away from conventional, chemical lawn care is a carefully tended process: it begins with a soil test and is executed with high quality materials, an expert lawn care professional and a bit of patience.

Natural Tree & Lawn Care is excited to create a beautiful lawn that is not only safe for your family, your pets & the environment but is also more robust and self-sustaining.  Here is what you can expect from your new custom program.


1-A soil test will be done to determine pH, organic matter content & possible nutrient deficiencies or excesses.  A plan for strengthening your soil can now be formulated!

Great news: now your lawn will only receive services specific to its needs. You won’t
pay for unnecessary applications or materials.

2-It’s important to understand that chemicals degrade soil & inhibit a lawn’s natural capacity to fend off weeds, pests & disease. The first few years of organic lawn can be transitional so don’t get discouraged.

It’s possible to experience a higher presence of weeds or a slight decrease in how the lawn looks aesthetically. NOT TO WORRY! This is normal and temporary as we work to bolster your soil health and your lawn’s natural tenacity.

If you want to give your lawn a jumpstart while we work to strengthen the soil, aeration, overseeding and/or compost applications can greatly improve your result. Give us a call or e-mail Larry for more information.

3-On occasion, a fertilizer could be applied in liquid form instead of a granular so the application might not be as obvious. There are nutritional nuances to each: depending on your lawn’s needs you might see one, the other or both.

4-Our organic fertilizers are completely safe for people and pets (even if your pet snacks on it!) so you can use your lawn immediately after applications.

5-What if it rains before, during or after an application is made? That means you’re in luck. Although not necessary, watering in organic fertilizers is beneficial.

6–We know that a proactive approach to lawn care yields a greater result. While onsite we’re always vigilant about the current conditions and can make adjustments to your program as needed.

7-If you’re ready to transition to organic lawn care but still want to battle existing weeds, we offer a bridged program: a combination of herbicides and organic fertilizers will be used to achieve a good result that still has a reduced environmental impact.

8-Each lawn is different and our plan for yours will be unique to its needs. We take your property seriously and prioritize communication with you about ongoing challenges and progress. Our programs are science-based and expertly managed by people who love what they do.

IMPORTANT: Because timing of applications can greatly impact effectiveness, your program renews automatically each year. There is no contract and you are welcome to cancel at any time…but we sure will be sad to see you go!

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