Arbor Day, Past & Present

Arbor Day is a long-standing tradition for Maltby & Company. Maintaining the integrity of trees and green spaces is an important pillar of our business, but it is also a labor of love—we participated in the event for more than 35 years.

On April 28th, Maltby joined a large initiative of 16 tree companies who donated more than $50,000 worth of work to clean up the wilderness area at Franklin Park. Hazardous trees were removed, others were pruned and time was spent mitigating invasive weeds & plants.

Past locations include the Dimock Hospital in Roxbury, Trustees of Reservations Properties, The Ames Estate, Capen-Reynolds Farm and numerous public parks that would not normally be in a position to fund extensive tree work projects.

A large scale beautification project at Faxon Veterans Memorial Park was a particularly special one as it was not only about rejuvenating a valuable gathering spot, but presented a unique opportunity to honor local service men and women as Veteran’s Day approached.

Maltby & Company installed a variety of trees and shrubs throughout the park and removed any that were dying or hazardous.

A Homestead elm tree replaced a declining European beech tree on the south side of the park in memoriam of the company’s founder, Freeman Maltby. As the cornerstone of the family, he is responsible for our roots in the Stoughton community, having resided on Walnut Street since the 1940’s. His son Bob raised his family just a few houses down.

Arbor Day has been a national tradition since 1872 and Maltby & Company hopes our contributions inspire others to not only care for the own trees, but to be vigilant in maintaining important community spaces.

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