Naturally Safe Treatments that Will Keep Your Outdoor Home Beautiful and Thriving


Organic Lawn Care

Each lawn is different and our plan for yours will be unique to its needs. We take your property seriously and prioritize communication with you about ongoing challenges and progress. Our programs are science-based and expertly managed by people who love what they do.

Organic Lawn Care

Soil health is the cornerstone of organic lawn care and great soil doesn’t happen overnight.  The transition away from conventional, chemical lawn care begins with a soil analysis. It’s important to understand that chemicals degrade soil & inhibit a lawn’s natural capacity to fend off weeds, pests & disease. The first few years of organic lawn can be transitional so don’t get discouraged.

Responsible Lawn Care

Although it isn’t organic we offer an alternative fertilizer program that is compost based and environmentally responsible. This fertilizer program is sustainable, renewable and innovative resulting in a superior product that recycles organic materials back into the soil, improving soil and turf health.

If needed we use minimal amounts of weed and insect control products to prevent damage to your lawn and spot spray weeds for highly effective yet minimally invasive weed and pest control.

Natural Tree & Lawn Services

At Natural Tree & Lawn Care, we provide a full suite of lawn care maintenance services to ensure your lawn stays green and healthy for years to come. Our services include:

  • Soil Testing and Analysis
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Lime
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding

Soil Testing & Analysis: A soil test will be done to determine pH, organic matter content & possible nutrient deficiencies or excesses.  This provides the blueprint to strengthen your soil and turf health.


Aeration: Lawn aeration is a great technique for improving root systems and reducing compacted soil. Aeration is performed in late summer or early fall to prevent weeds from germinating in the soil.


Lime: Lime helps to increase pH level of soil, which keeps pH levels neutral and increases lawn health. At Natural Tree & Lawn Care, we only apply Lime on an as needed basis to correct pH levels that encourage nutrients for soil health.


Weed Control: Timely spot applications of broadleaf weed control minimizes the amount of herbicide used on your lawn. Spot applications effectively control most of the weeds with less exposure to you and your family.


Overseeding: If you have a lot of weeds such as crabgrass, thin turf is often the cause. Bare spots in soil offer an area for weeds to germinate, which is why we overseed to ensure the only growth in your lawn is healthy.