Bound by a strong sense of camaraderie, our team is dedicated to tree care with integrity

The Maltby & Company Family

Based on an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of trees, Maltby and Company was founded by Freeman E. Maltby in 1949. Maltby continually seeks innovative ways to grow tree care from a labor-intensive industry to a mechanized one, effectively saving time, money and labor costs for clients and improving the safety of employees. Our focus on innovation and quality service has been well rewarded with generations of loyal clients and employees.

Brandon Maltby, MCA, CTSP
Owner, Sales Arborist

Brandon began his tenure at Maltby & Company while in high school. He worked as a grounds man and showed great initiative to diversify his skillset. After graduating from UMass Stockbridge he was ready to propel his career in the tree care industry.

Brandon is a great person to work for and with.  A New England ISA climbing competitor, he is a skilled arborist and heavy equipment operator, and has occupied nearly every position here—plant health care technician, stump grinder, bucket truck operator, crane operator—making him a go-to for technical expertise and career advice alike.  Brandon joined the sales team in 2015 where his well-rounded perspective has been greatly beneficial to co-workers and customers alike.

When not at work, you’re likely to find him in the middle of a home renovation project, out for a walk with his rescue dog, Merry or getting some fresh air up in the White Mountains.

Brian Maltby, MCA, CTSP
Owner, Sales Arborist

As the third generation of the Maltby family continues their tradition of tree care, Brian has been instrumental in the company’s success. After attending the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMASS Amherst, he was ready to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps.

Brian’s love of the outdoors and natural ability in the industry drove him to become a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. He leads by example and continually seeks to expand his skills and knowledge base. Brian achieved his credential as a Certified Treecare Safety Professional and is someone who cultivates safe working conditions. As a talented tree climber, plant healthcare technician, and bucket and crane operator, his comprehensive understanding of the business makes him a great asset.

Brian is a husband and father of two adorable kids. He loves spending time with his family, golfing or getting away to Chatham for a little R&R.

Lauren Maltby Damplo
Owner, CEO

Lauren joined the Company in 2005 as Director of Human Resources. Her understanding of human behavior in the workplace fine-tuned how Maltby functioned as a team, ultimately leading to a level of organizational development we had not previously achieved. Under her watchful eye, Maltby made it through a tough economy ready to grow. When the opportunity to build onto our 7 acre site arose, Lauren led the charge in expanding our footprint, modernizing internal operations and keeping the project on track.

Known for pushing us to achieve yet keeping us grounded, Lauren’s determination to run a business with integrity is easily seen. In her capable hands Maltby has gathered a diversely talented team. She is the glue that holds us together and her expertise is the energy that drives us forward.

Lauren was married in 2010 and is the mother of two spunky boys. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family, getaways to the beach and practicing yoga.

Todd Caswell, MCA, CTSP
Manager of Plant Healthcare

Todd holds a degree in Urban Forestry and a Master’s in Entomology, and was also valedictorian at Bristol County Agricultural School. Drawn to Maltby’s reputation for quality tree care and a positive environment, he joined our plant health care division over a decade ago.

His strong desire for more eco-friendly and organic solutions spoke to customers and grew business exponentially. It wasn’t long before Todd was managing plant healthcare operations. Under his tutelage, we have witnessed junior employees become skilled technicians and arborists.

A gifted diagnostician, it isn’t odd to find someone leaning over his desk with a bug, branch or specimen for assessment. Stumping him is an office achievement. His patience and particular knack for teaching always leave customers (and coworkers) feeling informed.

Todd is a husband and father of 3 who loves spending time hiking, fishing or enjoying quiet time in the White Mountains.

Larry Taylor
Lawn Division Manager

We call Larry the manager of our Lawn Care Division, but in truth, he is credited with building it from the ground up.  After years of experience in landscape construction and golf course management he came well-equipped to guide us in the expansion of our plant healthcare division.

A strong believer in the power of organics, Larry helps customers achieve a lawn that is not only vibrant and healthy, but SAFE for people, their pets & the environment. Each program he creates is personally tailored to the unique needs of the property. His quests for innovation and efficiency in residential & commercial lawn care have allowed us to be on the forefront of the green movement-- he is a master of his trade and loves sharing his knowledge with customers.

Larry also took the reins in growing & streamlining our Mulch Division. He painstakingly creates high-quality organic products that are used to make sports fields, playgrounds & residences beautiful and safe.

He is a husband and father of 3 who loves gardening, camping, tackling home improvements and coaching his little ones.

Ashley Francis
Office Manager

Bob Maltby
Board of Directors

Bob has been in the tree care business for over 40 years. Bob went to school at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he became a MA Certified Arborist. A former champion of ISA’s International Tree Climbing Competition, we consider him a legend walking among us!

He enjoys involvement in professional organizations:

  • Past President of the Massachusetts Arborists Association
  • Past president of the Bristol County Tree Wardens Association
  • Past ISA New England Chapter Board of Directors
  • ITCC (International Tree Climbing Competition) member, committee judge and former international champion (1983)
  • S.E. Mass. Tree Wardens & Arborist Association member
  • TCIA Z-133 Crane Safety Subcommittee
  • Alpha Tau Gamma Fraternity Alumni Board of Directors
  • Longtime Rotarian & Freemason

Bob is our unofficial company photographer, always there to capture an image. When not behind the lens, he takes great joy in sailing and playing golf. He is husband to Barbara, has 4 children—his son Brian an integral part of the company—and 8 grandkids who keep him on his toes.

Bill Maltby
Board of Directors

Bill has been in the tree care business for over 50 years. He studied business and accounting at the University of Massachusetts and Boston University. Bill’s early work with the company included running the company sawmill which eventually became our recycling operation, The Forest Floor, Inc. Bill was an original board member of the Safety Saves Educational Program with the MAA. He has a strong commitment to customer service and considers it the foundation of our business.

With his steady guidance, Maltby has evolved into a highly-respected tree company that sets industry standards. It is a particular point of pride that his daughter Lauren and son Brandon will follow in his footsteps. He is truly the company caretaker whose perspective brings both objectivity and depth.

He and his wife Joanne enjoy gardening, spending time near the water and the company of their children and grandchildren.

Bruce Maltby
Board of Directors

Bruce began his career here in 1973 under the guidance of his father, Freeman Maltby. After becoming a crane & heavy equipment operator, he looked to broaden the scope of his involvement. His unmatched expertise in innovative equipment and techniques guided the company into modern practices.

As the equipment and yard manager Bruce takes great pride in the acquisition and development of the company’s 10 acre site in Stoughton, MA. The state-of-the-art facility houses talented mechanics and modern technology and serves as a base for the manufacture of high quality mulch products.

Look quick though, or you might miss him! Bruce is always on the go; when not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, woodworking, sailing and traveling.

A History of Maltby and Company

Since its inception, Maltby has a history of innovative firsts that have improved working conditions, production, and safety. Our early focus on recycling material and eco-friendly alternatives to chemical treatments put us at the forefront of the Green Industry before it became a worldwide initiative of environmental preservation and protection.

Founded by Freeman Maltby
Originally a wool broker, at the end of World War II Freeman Maltby entered the tree business eager to apply new ideas to a labor intensive industry. In 1954 he purchased one of the first “Bucket Trucks” which revolutionized tree work. Within a few years he introduced the technique of using cranes to efficiently and safely remove trees greatly reducing the hazards involved in tree removal. Seeing an opportunity to generate industrial wood products, he built a sawmill fueled by the incoming timber. His imaginative and forward-thinking approach to doing business underscored his management style. He was father to Bob, Bill and Bruce Maltby, who continue the family business today.


Maltby Tree was founded in 1949 by Freeman E. Maltby

Crane-assisted Tree Removal

Maltby introduced crane-assisted tree removal to the industry.


First Bucket Truck Introduced


Our first bucket truck was cutting edge technology in the tree industry at the time of purchase. Maltby’s original logo is seen on the side.

Utilizing New Techniques of the Era


Maltby’s bucket truck put to use at the Stoughton Chronicle (technique not used today!).

Years of Tree Pruning Experience!


Tree pruning at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Milton, MA.

Technology Highway (Route 128)

Maltby is deeply involved in the development of the nationally renowned Technology Highway, now known as Route 128.


Freeman's Three Sons Join Maltby

Freeman's three sons Bill, Bob, and Bruce join the company as its second generation.

The Forest Floor Inc. is Launched

The Forest Floor Inc. is born & Maltby develops the use of a sawmill to recycle logs.


Maltby's Plant Healthcare Division

Maltby launched a plant health care division to combat the historic gypsy moth infestation or the 1970's.

Techniques Passed Down


Bob Maltby performs an Elm tree injection as his father—and our founder, Freeman Maltby—looks on (right).


Techniques Passed Down


From another angle, continuing the Elm tree injection. .

The Founder of Maltby & Company


Our founder Freeman Maltby sits in his “corner office”. Maltby & Co. has since repurchased this original site to expand operations. His granddaughter Lauren now occupies this place in our newly renovated building.


A New Tree Climbing Record

Bob Maltby set a record in the International Tree Climbing Competition.

Launch of Natural Tree & Lawn Care

Natural Tree & Lawn Care was born! A demand for environmentally conscious treatments gets Maltby's plant healthcare division off to a running start.


A 3rd Maltby Generation Joins

A 3rd generation of Maltbys join the company: Lauren, Brandon and Brian come onboard.

One of the First Female Arborists

Maltby is among the first to employ a female arborist in New England and among the first tree companies to bring women into management.


Maltby Received TCIA Accreditation

Maltby receives the Tree Care Industry Association’s (TCIA) designation as an accredited tree care company!

Maltby Continues to Thrive

Maltby continues to thrive; we move into our new state-of-the-art business office and shop.