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Safe & Natural Treatments Protect Your Invesments in Your Outdoor Home

Adding ornamental trees and shrubs to your outdoor home can enhance its beauty and provide shade and protection from harsh weather. Natural Tree & Lawn Care’s certified arborists can help you protect your investment in your outdoor home by creating a safe, beautiful environment you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come.

No Obligation, Detect & Diagnose Program Gives You Peace of Mind

Our Detect and Diagnose Program provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your outdoor home is protected from harmful pests and diseases. The ‘D & D Program’ is provided at no cost or obligation to clients seeking a safe, effective solution for detecting and diagnosing plant health care issues before they can threaten the vitality and beauty of your outdoor home. Our certified arborists will survey your home or business for potential hazards such as improperly pruned ornamental trees and shrubs, caterpillar or beetle infestations and more. If plant healthcare issues are detected, our certified arborists will develop a customized program to rid your property of pests and diseases – and - prevent them from reoccurring. The result? Your outdoor home stays healthy and beautiful and you gain peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

• Professionally manage complex plant healthcare issues.
• Protect your high value plantings.
• Schedule regular visits and treatments throughout the growing season.
• Detect harmful insects, diseases and cultural problems early on.
• Treat pests and diseases before they can damage your plants.
• Prevent pests from damaging your outdoor home
  with monthly Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Natural Treatments Are Safe for People, Plants and Pets

Natural Tree & Lawn Care has been using safe, natural treatments for plants and pests since 1999. Today, our natural treatments are the preferred alternative to harsh chemical treatments - and - they are not harmful to people, plants or pets.

How To Protect Your Investment in Your Outdoor Home

  • Insect Control for Caterpillars, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Scale, and more.
  • Fertilization for Ornamental Trees & Shrub
  • Anti-transpirant/Anti-desiccant
  • Fungal/Disease Control for Anthracnose, Dutch Elm disease, Leaf Spot, and more.
  • Drought Control
  • Detect and Diagnose (D & D)

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Insect Control

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA) The Hemlock Wooly Adelgid is a tiny insect that is transported to Hemlock trees by the wind and birds, and can devastate your Hemlocks if not properly treated. The insect is difficult to see but can be detected by white cottony masses on a Hemlock’s branches. If left untreated, the cottony mass will spread and the tree will become stressed, lose its branches and most likely die within 3-5 years of being infection.

At Natural Tree & Lawn Care treats infected Hemlocks by applying a safe, natural horticultural oil that smothers the HWA and protects Hemlocks against all phases of the insect’s life cycle. Our certified arborists recommend applying three oil treatments annually, one in the Spring, Summer and Fall, to gain full control of this tiny yet potentially devastating pest.

Caterpillars Winter moth caterpillars, sawflies, cankerworms, gypsy moths and leaf beetles can defoliate your ornamental trees and shrubs, leaving them bare and unattractive. Our certified arborists recommend using a naturally occurring bacterium called Spinosad to protect your outdoor home from these and other leaf-eating pests. Spinosad is highly effective at targeting defoliating pests with minimal impact on beneficial insect populations. Spinosad is also safe for people, pets and wildlife. At Natural Tree & Lawn Care, our certified arborists recommend applying two or more treatments annually to protect deciduous trees from caterpillars and other insects that can defoliate your ornamental trees and shrubs.


The trees that grow in your outdoor home are not like the trees that grow in the forest. Unlike trees in the forest, ‘domestic’ trees are often stressed by construction, soil compaction, soil quality and small growing areas. At Natural Tees & Lawn Care, we can help you prevent these and other factors from stressing your trees by treating them with an organic liquid fertilizer. Our certified arborists inject the fertilizer into the soil using steel needles that create a series of holes to alleviate soil compaction. The organic fertilizer is specially formulated to slowly release nutrients, plant extracts and beneficial fungi and bacteria into amend and improve your existing soil. Our safe, organic process allows you to fertilize your outdoor home frequently without fear of burning or over fertilizing your soil.


There is hardly a time of the year when plants do not suffer from losing too much water through their leaves, or suffer from excessive transpiration. Natural Tree & Lawn Care helps plants retain water and prevent water stress by applying an anti-transpirant to leaf surfaces. Coats leaves with a thin,
water-impermeable film that decreases the rate at which water is lost.

Contrary to popular belief, the winter (as opposed to summer) is one of the hardest times of the year for evergreens and other plants to retain water. In the winter, the water in the ground freezes and cold drying winds draw moisture from leaves and needles. This prevents plants from gaining the vital nutrients they need to thrive. Natural Tree & Lawn Care can help you protect your trees and shrubs against winter desiccation, windburn, sunscald and more by applying an anti-transpirant that reduces plant water requirements during drought conditions. Transplanting trees and shrubs? Our certified arborists recommend applying an anti-transpirant prior to transplanting your trees and shrubs to avoid moisture stress on root systems that cannot compensate for water loss due to transpiration. 
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Fungal/Disease Control

Plants are vulnerable to disease when: 1) they are a susceptible host plant, 2) an active pathogen is present, 3) it is a favorable environment for fungus/bacteria, and there is enough time for infection to occur. Although some of these factors are beyond your control, good pruning practices can prevents disease from occurring. Natural Tree & Lawn Care helps you reduce the likelihood of plant disease by pruning your ornamental trees on a periodic basis. A professionally pruned tree will allow more light and air to move through its canopy, reduce the relative humidity and moisture on its leaves and help leaves dry faster after a drenching rain.

Our certified arborists recommend combining pruning with a preventative fungicide application to dramatically improve healthy plant growth and vitality. Flowering trees such as dogwoods and crabapples are very susceptible to disease and require regular treatments to limit disease symptoms. Foliar diseases are most active in the Spring when tender new leaves emerge an lack protection. If you see spots on leaves or brown tips on branches, you may have a disease problem. Our certified arborists can help you detect diseased trees early on and apply treatments to prevent diseases from occurring.

Drought Control

Drought stress can make plants susceptible to insect infestation and disease infection. It can also cause premature leaf color, leaf drop and even cause the dieback of new plants. Natural Tree & Lawn Care’s drought control program can help you keep your outdoor home drought free by applying moisture retaining treatment to your lawn and plants.  Our certified arborists use drought control treatments that bind water to roots and soil particles, keeping the moisture accessible to plants and prolonging the health and beauty of your outdoor home.

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